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Holly Springs Men’s Soccer Fitness & Conditioning Program PDF

Holly Springs Men’s Soccer 2020 Fitness & Conditioning Program

Thank You for Interest in the Golden Hawks Soccer Program!

One of the key requirements of a good soccer team is conditioning and the key to any conditioning program is the ATHLETE.

No matter how good the program may be, nothing is truly accomplished unless the athlete actually DOES the workouts and develops good personal fitness habits.

There is a significant difference between making a decision to get fit today and making a commitment to being a fit person over the entire off season.

We expect every member of this team to execute the packet in its entirety, meaning 100% compliance.

You will be selected in August in large part based on your technical ability and overall conditioning so if you want to be on the field than it is necessary to put in the work!

The program works on improving the six main components in conditioning:

endurance, speed, flexibility, strength, agility,and explosiveness.

Also don’t forget to work on your individual ball skills, and try to play as much soccer as possible!

Always warm up before you attempt any of  the running exercises, complete each work out in the order shown in the attached fitness schedule (reading left to right).

Eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle are essential for this fitness program to be a success.

Be professional in every aspect of your lives this summer.

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