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Handbook for Technical Directors PDF

Handbook for Technical Directors PDF

Technical development is paramount in building the future of football, and as such, it is one of the most important areas in any football association.

It is a long-term process, whereby vision, perseverance, stability and continuity are required if results are to be achieved.

The technical director plays a key role in this by defining and leading the country’s national technical development programme.

He/she is for the technical side what the general secretary is for the management side, and the main activities and responsibilities focus on increasing the number of players, developing youth and women’s football, and furthering coach education, as well as research and documentation.

With the introduction of FIFA’s new development programme, Forward 2.0, the position of member association technical director has become even more important for the analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring of various projects.

The main objective of this handbook is to assist technical directors in the handling of daily business. It does not claim to be complete, but it does provide the reader with guidance and methodologies for self learning and self-development.

I hope that this handbook will assist all technical directors in their daily business and contribute to the further development of football worldwide.

Gianni Infantino FIFA President

With the development of football being at the heart of FIFA’s mission, it is crucial that every member association’s potential is maximized in this area.

Sustainable development is a long-term approach and requires dedication, confidence and patience, together with the continuity of roles.

Technical directors define and run their country’s national technical development programmes and their position is, in its own way, as important to the organisation as that of the general secretary.

Arsène Wenger Chief of Global Football Development.

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