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Elite soccer coach Exercise ebook PDF

Elite soccer coach Exercise ebook

Welcome to this book with exercises from these three coaches who have changed today's modern football in their own way.

The book is arranged so that first all the exercises that have selected from Pep Guardiola then Julian Nagelsmann and finally Exercises with Jurgen Klopp.

We have divided them into the categories Passing Exercise, Playing Exercises and Closing Exercises.

These are exercises that I have used and that I have collected over the years I have followed these three trainers These are exercises I have seen their team use in some form of training.

I have not changed the exercises to make them better in the arc, but I have added what you as a coach should keep in mind when instructing your players in the Coaching Point category.

It maybe that they are not the founders of the exercises but they have used them in their teams.

I have selected the exercises that I find interesting and useful for you.

I know you will benefit greatly from this ebook if you are a coach who wants new inspiration.

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