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Clarence Soccer Club U14-U18 Manual PDF

Clarence Soccer Club U14-U18 Manual

This U14-U18 coach's manual has been put together specifically for Clarence Soccer Club Using the concept in the booklet, young players will have the basic tools to help them in their potential in "The Beautiful Game".
Al Clarence Socor Club we are committed to the development of our players love for the game and development as a player.

Whether they go on to com a college scholarship, play professionally or simply improve through the Clarence Soccer C ranks to be s wart of cam, our dedication to the individuals or will never waiver Players should learn all aspects of the game and should be questioned, rather than directed.

The future is more important than the present when working with and developing youth players Winning is not the absolute indicate that measures player development.

The impact of the Clarence Soccer Club program will be measured through the excellence and success as players progress into the next age group.

AT Clarence Soccer Club our focus is on the complete development of each playerUtilizing guided discovery Teaching methods, each player will be challenged to creatively solve problems that only the game itself can provide.

To facilitate the learning process this maal will act as a resource to the Clarence Soccer Club coches. Our goal is to create practice strategy that will accomplish the goal of technique, mastery and eam development while encouraging the player's sense of fun and enjoyment.

We encourage you to use this and to consider expanding the wessions as the player's progress.

We challenge you to think of new ways to modify the exercises that will inspire the players to push themselves Many clubs around the world are now realizing the need for maximum players and hall contact We strongly encourage all pactices consist of an opportunity for individual ball work.

Lastly, please remember, your sessions need to be safe, well organized, especife and fun.

As we move forward our aim is to develop the soccer players of tomorrow.

These methods work and are proven in topcer playing nations around the globe.

It can also work at Clarence Soccer Cub.

Yours in Soccer,Tem Kama Director of Coaching Clarence Soccer Club.

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