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The yellow square is the ‘space station’ and players start there.

They hop into their spaceship (the ball) and fly around the galaxy.

All around the galaxy there is asteroids (cones) and players should dribble around careful not to crash their rocket into asteroids.

For a bit of fun the coach can even lift asteroids and gentle throw them towards the players footballs to try and make them crash their space ships or the coach can pass a ball towards players footballs to try and make them crash as a progression.

If a player crashes into an asteroid or the coach passes their ball to hit your space ship players must fly (dribble) back to the space craft, do some repairs (toe taps) and can then re join the game.

A bit of a silly but fun progression could be players then have a race to see who can crash their space ship the most! Passing their ball into as many cones as possible and making 'CRASH' noises .

Players are split into two teams, Aliens and Asteroids.

The aliens try and make sure all space ships are fixed (cones laying upside down to look like space ships) and the asteroids try and smash the space ships turning them upside down.

Have a couple of races and see who wins. Can still have the coach trying to pass their ball into players to slow teams down and make sure they are taking small touches and keeping their heads up - if coach hits your ball you still need to re-visit the space station and do some toe taps to re-fuel.

With the cones the correct way up (so a ball can be placed on them) have a pile of footballs in the space station if possible.

Players attempt to put aliens (footballs) into spaceships (on top of cones) and once they do this they run over to the space station and get another ball and see how many they can do.

The coach however (you can progress to making this 1 or two players) uses his/her asteroid (football) to knock the aliens out of the spaceship, meaning the players can collect these ones from the playing surface and dribble them back over to spaceships to replace them.

Progression: If the group are doing well this game can be played team v team too with half trying to put the balls on top of cones and half trying to knock them off, keep scores and play a few games always praising effort 

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