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the Junior football coaching manual PDF

the Junior football coaching manual

The purpose of the Junior football coaching manual 

This manual provides teachers and coaches with relevant informaƟ on on how to coach football so that children get the maximum benefi ts from playing the sport – geƫ ng physically acƟ ve, healthy and fi t.

The focus of the manual is on developing the basic skills needed for juniors (up to the age of 12) to become competent football players.

The main focus is on providing exercises and drills to help you plan your pracƟ ce and develop skills, rather than to give a comprehensive framework of the rules and tacƟ cs of the game.

Professor Tim Noakes of the Sports Science InsƟ tute of South Africa has a dream to make South African children the fiƩ est in the world by 2020.

He believes that through iniƟ aƟ ves like the Vitality Schools Programme we can reach this goal. You too can play a part in making this vision a reality!

Teach children the beauƟ ful game of football

The aim of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team.

There are generally two phases of play:
aƩ ack and defence.
During aƩ ack, the team that has the ball must move it upfi eld towards the opponents’ goal and score.

Defence happens when the other team has the ball and the defending team must try to get the ball away from them and stop them from scoring.

Players use skills such as passing, shooƟ ng, dribbling, trapping and tackling.

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