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Coaching Manual PDF

Coaching Manual

This Covid Coaching Manual is based on the National Football Curriculum and CDSFA is a proud supporter of FFA’s vision of the future and pathway for our girls and boys to become better footballers.

We understand in these un precedented times we are facing situations that are all very new to us and as a consequence we have tried to make things as easy as possible for you all.

As such please find some examples of Training activities that all fall within the non contact social distancing protocols.

Remember at all times to adhere to the overarching Covid principle of NON CONTACT, do not pick up the equipment when possible, limit the contact of these shared items, i.e. kick the balls, don’t pick them up then play them.

We still believe even in these times, its important to follow this curriculum so that our children have the best chance to progress as footballers in any environment and onwards to their next stages of personal development, and not pick up any unwanted habits.

This manual is there as abase that you can adjust with you individual number of players, if you have less than nine in a group etc, and you can reach out to the technical staff at CDSFA should you wish for any clarifications.

We hope this stage on limited training and noncontact sessions will be short lived and that Football as we know it will resume permanently in the coming weeks.

This is the first step on a long journey towards becoming a complete footballer.

We’re glad to have you on-board!

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