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DEFENDING 50+ Practices shared by The Coaching Family PDF

DEFENDING 50+ Practices shared by The Coaching Family


Welcome to the latest @coachingfamily games sharing book.

This book concentrates on practices designed to help you develop young defenders, both individually and collectively.

The games you see in the book are designed by grassroots coaches, soccer school coaches, community coaches and academy coaches from locations across the globe.

As always, we encourage you to look at the content, play with it, adjust it and adapt it to suit your players and the environment/venue you coach in.

Enjoy the book and feel free to share amongst your clubs and other coaches.

1v1 Defending

✓ Low body position, bent knees, eyes on ball.

✓ Delay opponent.

✓ Look for opportunity to win ball, quick reactions.

2v1 Defending Outnumbered

✓ Low body position, bent knees, a good view of both attackers.

✓ Delay.

✓ Deny space.

✓ React quickly, try to intercept passes/shots.

Recovering Defender

✓ Communication with lone defender.

✓ Speed.

✓ Quick decision in relation to where the ball is.

Team Defending

✓ Organisation amongst defensive line: communication and communication from GK (Big picture).

✓ Recognising pressing triggers then hunting in packs (3’s) while maintaining team shape and balance.

✓ Decisions: When to press high? When to defend space behind?

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