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Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer PDF

Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer

This is meant to be a friendly book, in which I have endeavored to share with readers some of the approaches, ideas, and methods I have found useful during many years of experience.

The book is particularly designed to help men and women coaching youth soccer teams, and college and university students who intend to specialize in soccer coaching. For most of my professional life I have conducted courses and clinics for exactly such audiences; I have coached players ranging from 5-year-olds in California to seasoned professionals in the English League.

Few books start with the beginner and then provide, in a progressive sequence, practices suitable for professional players.

Also, few if any books on soccer coaching invite the reader to consider a coaching style that is not only practical but also philosophical.

This style combines a concern for the dignity of the individual with a love for the manner in which the game is played.

Experience has proven this style to be effec- tive in producing winning teams.

Readers of this book, whatever their experience, will find something of value to share and to use in their teaching of soccer.

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