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The Benefits of Football

Football is generally considered to be the world’s most popular team sport.
Played in just about every country, the sport’s success is due to the fact that it can be played by boys, girls, men and women of just about any physical build and ability.
Football requires little in the way of specialized equipment and is organized using simple, intuitive rules.
Football is a particularly appropriate sport for individuals with mental retardation.Football:
- Involves all of the participants constantly;
- Is easy to teach and immediately rewarding to play;
- Allows relatively rapid initial improvement in skills and basic game understanding;
Is a great conditioning activity.
The wonderful thing about football is that you do not need to be an expert to begin coaching.
You just need enthusiasm and a commitment to learn the basics. With some guidance, anyone with time and interest can become a successful Special Olympics football coach and help athletes with mental retardation join the worldwide football family.

A Preview of Football Events Offered

Football competition is based upon athletes’ ability levels. Following is a summary of those competition offerings.
For athletes with lower ability, who do not have the readiness for direct, face-to-face offense and defense, competition is offered in individual skills competition.For athletes with average to moderate ability, competition is offered in modified team competition.
The game is played in a smaller area and with a few modified rules.
This game is simpler to understand and provides the transition from individual skills to traditional team play.
For athletes with higher ability, competition is offered in traditional 11-a-side team play and Special OlympicsUnified Sports® football.
For the actual football events offered, see the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for Football.

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