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Oxford English for Football PDF

Oxford English for Football

English for Football has been developed specifically for people working in, or preparing to work in the football industry who need to use English every day at work to communicate.
The book will equip camers with the language skills and vocabulary necessary to understand typical situations in a football context.
English for Football consists of eight units. The book covers all the key positions on and off the pitch from striker to manager.
Units from the book work independently and can be selected according to the needs and interests of the course participants. English for Football can also be used for self-study. Each unit begins with a Kick-off, which consists of a short exercise or quiz and serves as an introduction to the topic of the unit. Practical exercises listening extracts, industry-specific texts, as well as photos and illustrations help you to acquire key vocabulary and expressions. Each unit closes with a Profile of a famous player followed by questions for reflection and discussion.
When you have completed the whole book you can Test Yourself with the crossword on pages 70-71. In the appendix of English for Foorball you will also find a Boardgame, and the Answer key so that you can check your own answers if you are working alone. There are Transcripts of the Listening extracts. There is also an A-Z wordlist with all the key words that appear in English for Football. This includes a column of phonetics.
The MultiROM contains all the Listening extracts from the book. These can be played through the audio player on your computer, or through a conventional CD player. The Interactive exercises let you review your leaming by doing exercises that cover the essential language from the book on your computer. This will be particularly valuable if you are using the book for self-study.
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