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Developing a Football Training Product PDF

Developing a Football Training Product

In the last few decades’ football has gone from one extreme to the another when it comes to training methods; compared to the 1980’s when players did very little or no training even at the top level, present day professionals go through an assortment of daily training drills, team practices and fitness routines all monitored by coaches and medical staff.
Though many articles have been published regarding this type of training most fail to address grassroots or amateur level football for various reasons, including overuse of equipment/staff or simply not catering to the level of football at play. The aim of this project is to produce training material in the form of an eBook with accompanying video content targeted at amateur and low level football. The premise of the training aid will be to guide the user through the motor development stages of some of the most common skills in football providing exercises with increasing flexibility as the players develop.
The project is commissioned by Tampereen Kisatoverit (TKT). TKT is a sports club where people have an opportunity to practice and play different types of sports. The club's range of sports includes football, handball, volleyball, track and field and gymnastics, though football is the largest and the most popular sport inside the club. The club has one field with shared access to a number of others, several football teams from Under 8s to adults, and for both genders. In total the number of football teams at TKT is around 15 with approximately 15-20 players each, all of these teams are staffed and run off of the back of volunteers, many of whom are parents with varying experiences. TKT’s idea behind the activities and especially in football is to produce life long lasting joy through the hobby. The club is interested in new training methods and different approaches and has expressed a need for a training aid utilizing modern technology such as tablets and smartphones. TKT would benefit from the proposed project in the form of a free copy of the training programme.
Innovation is key to any competitive sport and having access to the research conducted in this paper and a license to use the training aid could shape, or at least inform future coaching decisions.

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