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Football For Dummies PDF

Football For Dummies

think that millions of people across America are intrigued by football — all types and levels of it. These people may have friends or family who have made the football season a ritual, from the last weekend in August, through the college bowl games in December, until Super Bowl Sunday at the start of February. To be a part of that experience, you need to have a working knowledge of the game.
In my mind, this book serves to give you that knowledge and to help you better facilitate interaction with your friends, family, or whoever you watch football with. To many people, on the surface, football seems to be a complicated game. Twenty-two players are on the field at one time, plus a number of officials. The intricacies of first down, second down, and third down, and everything from how many offensive linemen there are to what the quarterback really does or doesn’t do all need to be explained and simplified.
This book will help; that’s why I decided to write it. I think the game itself is far less intimidating if you get a basic working knowledge of football. After you break through that initial fear of being overwhelmed by football and what you don’t understand, everything else about the game will fall into place. After that starts happening, you’ll see the game clearly, like when you wipe the early morning dew off your windshield — suddenly everything becomes crystal clear. I know a lot more about the game today as a whole than I did when I was a player. I played in high school and in college, plus I played for 13 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). But being a television analyst — 2007 will be my fourteenth season for FOX Sports — has forced me to learn even more about this game that I love. As a player, I had a working knowledge of the passing game, of how a secondary works in coverages, and of the offensive and defensive line formations. I had a working knowledge of general managers, scouts, and head coaches. But working as an analyst, I have been forced to cover the entire game.
I no longer view football from a defensive lineman’s perspective. Instead, I look at football as a whole. And I’m still learning every day. That never changes. I don’t think you’ll ever stop learning when it comes to football. It’s the same for everyone — the players, the fans, the coaches, and the television experts. So don’t feel alone out there.

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