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UEFA Women’s Football Development Programme Free-Kicks PDF

UEFA Women’s Football Development Programme Free-Kicks

Women’s Football Developm ent Programme & Free-Kicks 

The growth and development of women’s football is a leading priority for UEFA. 
In 2010, the European governing body launched its highly successful Women’s Football Development Programme (WFDP) and funded an extensive and widespread series of projects across Europe to drive growth and sustainability in the women’s game.
The initial aim was to provide opportunities within communities for all girls and women who wanted to play football; but the European football family has come much further than that.
Women’s football is now thriving in Europe. All of UEFA’s 54 member associations are part of the WFDP and using the development funding to its full potential.
Tangible differences can be seen not only in the basic number of girls and women playing, but also in the number of female match officials on the pitch and women in the boardroom The WFDP has catered to the needs of the individual associations, carefully tailoring development projects to make maximum progress with the resources available in the existing environment.
For example, there have been many grassroots projects encouraging young girls to play football.
Other national associations have focused on youth competitions or have introduced leagues at grassroots and elite level.
For countries where fewer girls and women play football, public relations and communications campaigns have been crucial to changing perceptions and promoting integration.
WFDP funding is provided based on the strategic process outlined below.

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