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Over the years, UEFA has been proud of its ability to keep pace with the ever evolving European football landscape.
The constant expansion of the game owing to financial, commercial, legal and political developments has seen our organisation transform itself from a purely administrative body into a modern, versatile sporting and business enterprise committed to staying in tune with the times.
Certainly, time waits for no one in football and, once again, UEFA is now recognising the need to adapt and re-evaluate its structures and strategies, to become even more farsighted in its outlook.
The new era which began last autumn with Aleksander Čeferin’s election as UEFA president has been the catalyst for invigorating ideas, plans and measures that are now being implemented to give the body an enhanced dynamic and contemporary feel.
Key visions in the president’s election manifesto are coming to fruition. In line with UEFA’s mission to safeguard football and its essential values, the creation of a ‘protection of the game’ section within our administration will lead to greater priority being given to security issues, club licensing and the crucial campaigns against match-fixing and doping.
The introduction of a new and separate women’s football unit will lend fresh impetus to the development of this flourishing sector, and an effective corporate governance and compliance framework is being put in place with the establishment of a specialist team.
This means that, together with tried and trusted areas of activity that have already proved their worth, UEFA is laying the foundations to become increasingly proactive in fulfilling its role of guiding and nurturing European football.
As the evolution of UEFA continues, our wish is for our organisation to be a model of openness, transparency and innovation, with football’s overall well-being at the heart of its every act.
We will never stand still, as we work with the aim of serving the beautiful game that we all cherish.

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