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UEFA Assist Principles PDF

UEFA Assist Principles


The UEFA Assist programme was adopted by the UEFA Executive Committee on the basis of Article 2(2) of the UEFA Statutes. The basic framework of the programme was approved by the UEFA Executive Committee at its meeting on 9 December 2016.
The details of the programme’s implementation are defined by the UEFA administration, and more specifically the UEFA National Associations International Relations Unit, in accordance with Article 39 (2)(a) and (d) of the UEFA Statutes.

General provisions

Article 1 Scope

The UEFA Assist programme contributes to the global development of football by sharing the experience and know-how of UEFA and its member associations outside Europe.

It does this by funding a broad range of projects that are implemented in close collaboration with UEFA’s five sister confederations and their member associations.

Article 2 Definitions

For the purpose of these principles, the following definitions apply:
a) Assist Funding: the financial support allocated by UEFA to either:
i. the member associations of UEFA’s sister confederations; or
ii. UEFA’s member associations to allow them to create their own projects to develop football with the member associations of UEFA’s sister confederations.
b) Assist Project: a football development programme or activity that qualifies for Assist Funding under
one of the four Pillars.
c) Beneficiary: a member association of UEFA’s sister confederations that receives Assist Funding under
Pillar 1, 2 or 3, or a UEFA member association that receives Assist Funding under Pillar 4.
d) National Associations Committee: as further defined in Article 18 of the UEFA Organisational
Regulations; responsible for approving and rejecting Assist Projects.
e) Pillar: one of the four key areas of support into which Assist Projects are grouped.
f) Project Agreement: the agreement between UEFA and a Beneficiary, detailing the terms and conditions
of the financial support allocated to an Assist Project.
g) UEFA: Union of European Football Associations.
h) UEFA Assist Team: the staff members of the UEFA International Relations Unit who are responsible for
ensuring that all Assist Projects are implemented in line with these principles. The UEFA Assist Team
may in particular adopt any guidelines or other documents deemed necessary for this purpose.

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