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Technical development programmes PDF

Technical development programmes

Introduction to the FIFA technical programme

The following elements form the core of FIFA’s technical programme: Training and development of and learning by young footballers
Technical development programmes

2. The basis and main emphasis of the technical programme

The basic concept of FIFA’s technical development programme in recent years has been geared to the promotion of football and to standardisation in the training of players, not to mention the training and improvement of technical staff working in the game.
Even though it is diffi cult with football training to establish a precise direction that will satisfy the member associations of the various confederations as well as the participants, the FIFA technical programmes have proved extremely successful.
Indeed, these programmes have been at the root of some spectacular results achieved by certain national teams in international competitions, notably at youth level by players from Asia and Africa.
Just as it is clear that FIFA has to continue to pursue its conception of the development of football, albeit by making certain adjustments along the way to ensure that greater attention is paid to all areas of today’s game, it is also logical to maintain a technical programme that meets the demands of the modern game and the expectations of the associations as far as training and development are concerned, as well as of the coaches themselves, whose role is becoming increasingly important.
In the recent technical reports produced by FIFA on the major international competitions and the recommendations issued by acknowledged expert technicians and coaches from a number of different confederations, the consensus has been that the game of football can still improve.
There is room for improvement with technique in the game and with players’ individual skills, not only as far as their quality of performance when playing the game is concerned, but also with their mental approach and their personality.
To bring this improvement about, better development is needed for young players, a development that is based on a truly formative philosophy, with programmes and methods that are best suited to the players’ age and to their level of development.
Football therefore has to take in a youngster’s education as well and, in the words of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, to become a “school of life” for them.
At a time when several countries in all of FIFA’s confederations are seeking solutions to ensure that football progresses, and are making resources available to set up better adapted training and coaching staff structures, we feel that it is important to gear our technical programme over the next few years to an educational approach and to the basic training of young footballers, thereby preparing them better for tomorrow’s game.

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