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Tactical Training Session - Fast Attack

Tactical Training Session - Fast Attack 


Cone off the central area of the pitch (approx 20 by 40yards) as shown by dashed lines. Play six attackers against five defenders plus GK. 


GK starts with the ball and throws out to D1 (see diagram 1). Defending players must attempt to stop the ball on the end line to score a point.
diagram 1

 Key Factors 

a) As defenders have the ball. Nearest player to the ball, e.g.
 A1 moves across to defend. A2 offers cover. Close down as the ball travels- keep low and side on. 
Can I intercept? Stay on your feet. Stay compact as a team- get players back behind the ball, e.g. A3 drops to make central area compact.
 b) as the ball is intercepted or won back e.g. A2 wins the ball back in diagram 2. 

Be positive- attack space Early decisions- pass, dribble shoot- be decisive. 
Try to not allow the D team to get back into position. Get attacking players into advanced positions, e.g.
 A1 makes a diagonal run whilst A6 attempts to create an overload. A5 stays back to ensure that there is cover in case the play breaks down.
 Variation of attack- in such a confined space, emphasise the importance of short along the floor passing and quick combination play. However, a well timed long lofted ball to a player who has made a good run from deep helps to keep the defence guessing. 

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