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Fundamental Rondo

Fundamental Rondo

Players : 7v2

For basic rondo a 10 yard x 10 yard grid is fine for 6v2 all the way up to 9v2.
For smaller numbers like 3v1, 4v1 or 4v2 make the grid a tiny bit smaller.
I prefer tighter spaces if the players can handle it.
If you see players are having a lot of difficulty keeping the ball make the grid bigger, increase the number of touches allowed, and even eliminate one of the defenders.
It may take some time, but eventually players will become more skilled at rondo and keeping rhythm in possession will be possible.


 10 yards x 10 yards in which players form circle.
They can go outside the grid a foot or so but the idea is to keep the circle shape and not make the circle larger.

Key Points & Objectives

Stay on the balls of your feet with an open stance ready to receive the ball from both sides or from a forward direction while being able to pass the ball to both sides or forward.
Always be focused and mentally into the game.
Try to get into a high level zone of play and concentration.
Begin to think one or two steps ahead of the play.
Have fun and bring energy to the group.
Let your teammates know when they did well or when they need to pick it up.
Clap and shout out the great passes and defensive plays! Speed of play, creativity, teamwork, sound technique and problem solving are all very important.
The importance of keeping possession as an individual and team is a primary objective but look for Third Line Splitting Passes when they present the mselves.
It is very important to keep a high passing tempo while finding a rhythm to the possession.
The book is going to cover many variations but remember rondo is usually played one or two touch.

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