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4 v 4 Game Formats PDF

4 v 4 Game Formats PDF

4 v 4 Game Formats

2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 matches are very different from the duels described on the previous page of this guide, because they're all about good communication between players and teamwork so that each person has a specific job to do.

Obviously a lot here depends on how skilled and versatile the players are and if they're willing to cooperate with other people to achieve final success.

In 3v3 and 4v4 matches it's pretty much mandatory for one of the members of the team to focus on defending the goal.

If you're going against a strong team or if you don't want to take unnecessary risks (like after scoring a goal and gaining an advantage over the other team) the team should delegate another player to take a role of a defender. 

Such a person should remain on their team's half of the field, focusing on bouncing back all the balls which are heading towards the goal line.

In addition to that, a defender needs to step forward if the goalkeeper fails to do his job or if he's the one that wasn't able to stop the advances of the other team.

As for the remaining players from the team, their role is to become attackers.

You can learn more about being an attacker from the How to score goals? page of our game guide.
To put things short - attackers should work with each other, passing the balls and then hitting them when they're close to the other team's goal line.
2v2 matches offer more freedom when it comes to choosing a style of play.

The players may divide their responsibilities 50/50 so that one of them will become an attacked and the other one a defender/goalkeeper.

In some situations, especially when going against weaker teams, they can also try and work together on scoring goals, increasing the probability of success.

If you plan on playing this way, you have to pay more attention to what the other team is doing and try to prevent them from organizing counterattacks after they've regained control of the ball (a rocket boost and front flips will come in handy here, allowing you to quickly return to your half of the field).

A Scheme format
• No Goalkeepers game: 4 v 4 with goals and scoring lines
• Goalkeepers games: 4 v 4 with goals and scoring lines
• Four goal game: 
4 v 4 with goals and scoring lines
• Line Ball:
  4 v 4 with line as a scoring line
Scheme Construction

• Game Duration: 
6 to 8 minutes, 2 min break
• (Exercise-to-rest ratio increases energy and mental awareness)
• Scoring/Goals: 
 No score is kept
• (Emphasis on development, de-emphasis of winning
• Coaching: Very little overt coaching
• (Encouragement only. No raised voices and no disciplining

4 v 4 Game Formats PDF

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