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Training with 4 v 4 Small-Sided Games PDF

Training with 4 v 4 Small-Sided Games PDF

Small – Sided Games

In simplified, modified games, players learn to be aware and to improvise, to concentrate and to recognize the situation.
Skills are important , but the value of skill is to be able to use them efficiently in a fraction of a second.
Practices should be one quarter skill training and three quarters applying those skills in endless situations.”
--- Rinus Michels – Former Dutch National Team Coach and the FIFA Coach of the Century

Gary Lineker --former English international

We could drastically improve the standard of English football immediatelyif we made small children play on smallpitches with small goals, so that they can be in the vicinity of each other and learn to pass the ball to each other instead of having to hoof it.
They should ban playing on big pitchesuntil children get to 13 or 14.

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