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The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) welcomes you to the colorful world of youth soccer coaching.

AYSO is a place where every child plays in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and positive coaching.

In addition to the game’s technical, tactical and physical components, we fully recognize and prioritize the psychosocial needs of our children and work toward the fulfillment of those needs in all our programs.

Staying truly child-centered makes AYSO a model for other youth sports groups and is a key to our position as a player development leader.

The content of this manual is drawn from the knowledge and experience of AYSO’s Player Development Team and our National Coaching Advisory Commission—people with vast soccer knowledge, yet volunteers of AYSO—just like you.

The coaching methodology and soccer skills included in this manual have been carefully researched and have natural alignment with U.S. Soccer’s Zone One (6-12 years) objectives for player development:

Development over Winning, Age Appropriate, Quality Training, and Having Fun/Inspiring Players. We encourage you to attend your local Region’s Annual Coach Orientation, as well as other AYSO coaching courses available in your area or online. Your Regional Commissioner or Coach Administrator can provide you with information about what’s required for your specific age group. On behalf of the entire organization, thank you for joining the team!

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