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A Function: Teaching INVERTED Runs from Outside to Inside PDF

A Function: Teaching INVERTED Runs from Outside to Inside PDF

The defending team have won the ball. This shows initially how the defending team build play from the back in wide and central areas of the field. This builds into various ways to develop play out the back, here we highlight several ways to do it.

Inverted runs inside are obvious from the wing backs but it can be done with center backs and wingers too. We add (11) to give a greater chance of success as we have moved on to focus on Phase Three, building out of the back.

Now the overload is in the defending teams favor building from the back. This teaches players to recognize where the space is to run into based on defenders positioning. I prefer they keep the ball, go back to the keeper; develop play different ways; maintaining possession practicing building play from the back until they lose it; and then they go into defensive mode again. There are a lot of different movements and rotations here so with your potential time constraints to teach this idea perhaps you will pick just a couple of “stock” moves to teach. I would suggest the wing back movements are the best ones to teach as they are totally UNEXPECTED, next the wingers and least likely the center backs.. But good to see choices.

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