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Rondos, Position Games and Matches in FC Barcelona PDF

Rondos, Position Games and Matches in FC Barcelona PDF

This is a complete guide on how to help your soccer team improve with rondo drills. In this guide you will learn what a rondo is, why they are used, and how to best apply them in trainings for your team get better at passing, possessing the ball, and more!

In simple terms: A rondo is a keep away style drill where one team with more players tries to keep possession against a smaller number of defenders who are trying to take the ball away. If you’re familiar with the childhood game ‘monkey in the middle’, you’re on the right rack.

Typically rondos take place in close proximity, with the possessing group usually circled around the opposing group.

They are commonly used at the beginning of a training session to activate players mentally and physically and can be used with a variety of different formats.

Typically if a defender wins the ball, they swap places with the player who lost it.

Nobody wants to be in the middle for too long which incentivises the defenders to win the ball back.

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