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Games to Create the Football Thinker PDF

Games to Create the Football Thinker PDF

What is a football thinker? 

A football thinker is ... ...

a player who can calculate situations with expertise within a football match and make great decisions that benefit the team at that moment. Whether it be a perfectlytimed tackle, a defence-splitting pass or slowing down/ speeding up the game to the teams’ advantage.

The football thinker is an independent player who doesn’t always need instructions to play football. The player is able to make decisions themselves at any moment of the game.
This is achieved through playing the thinking games and living the real life feelings and emotions around the games.

The football thinker is a leader and is responsible for their actions managing mistakes and learning from them
This player strives for autonomy in their decisions, seeking answers whilst relishing new challenges and situations.
They ask great questions of their coaches and fellow teammates challenging each other to achieve more.
The thinking player is a humble and positive individual who understands the ethos of team work and resilience.
Someone who takes calculated risks for the team whether through attacking or defensive brilliance
For example, Paul Gascoigne, Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick, Rio Ferdinand, Matt Le Tissier, Bobby Moore, Alan Shearer.

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