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Game Systems PDF

Game Systems PDF



As we have seen the Collective Game and the Universal Fundamentals, as well as the use of the System Movements resource, are aspects that will provide the team with the logic and coherence necessary for an effective game in the application of the associative/positional style of play.

Nothing in the fundamentals or the development of the game itself is possible if it is not part of a defined structure in terms of rational occupation, and therefore the use of space (system). The definition, application and improvement of the Game System is therefore a momentous aspect before starting the activity.

We cannot and should not trivialize this game structure, because without it no collective aspect can be developed correctly. We must also specify the possible variants of the base system and take them into account in training for possible application.

The coach must therefore determine the game system to be developed according to:

  • The tactical/technical quality offensive and individual characteristics of your players.
  • The defensive level of the team/players.
  • The poor aspects of our players' game, so that they do not manifest themselves.
  • The remarkable aspects of our players, so that their manifestation is promoted, so that their level of attitude and effectiveness are optimal.
  • The style of play used by the team and the features that define your defensive game.
  • The physical and psychological capacity of the team.
  • The forms of play, the quality and the offensive and defensive features, envisaged, of the opposite.


As we have seen, an offensive or defensive variant of the game system can be from one system or another, depending on the characteristics of the players occupying each line.

All this leads us to highlight the great importance of both the game system and the fact that the arrangement established in it is maintained throughout the match – a "structured" team – (not only at the time of the start of the match as seems to be the case in some cases).

It is obvious that this arrangement is momentarily modified when collective movements and tactical support actions are performed, when a player leaves their play area to help teammates overcome opposition from the opponent.

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