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At this age in warm-up, activation and preparation of muscles for the upcoming loads should be taken seriously.

This is because the intensity of training increases, the muscles begin to grow and the combativeness and competition in training due to this age creates a process that is quite demanding for the athlete and should be properly prepared.

However, the introduction of the goal and the spiritual activation should not be omitted.

In this age group, the exercises should be combined with the aim of improving football habits and technique at the same time.

The coach should give the same emphasis to the creation of the pass line as to its quality. The player at this age is ready to receive more information, understand it and store it in their central nervous system.

Emphasis on sub-team tactics means more exercises aimed at the cooperation of 2 or more players, and the use of the pass element to a great extent. This age helps in the perception and speed of the player's decision, and for this reason he can more easily cope with the various changes situations that will be found on the field.

The ability of children to communicate and socialize is an additional factor that contributes to the successful implementation of subgroup tactics exercises.

After the end of the exercises and the main part, there should always be a final game in which the first half contains the main goal of the training and the other half is free without restrictions and rules.

So the children will close the training by playing the sport they love and at the same time they will have been trained.

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