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What’s cool about your NEW “MKSC Curriculum” 

We encourage you to use this book as a guide for the soccer season. The games and activities will keep young athletes engaged while learning the basic skills to become a soccer player.

The US Youth Soccer Association , United States Soccer Federation, and National Soccer Coaches Association of America recommends the 8’s and under focus on skill development.

This curriculum will provide you activities that teach DRIBBLING, SHIELDING, and MOVING the BALL FORWARD.

The TACTICAL piece will develop as youth play in game situations and begin to understand how to play as a team.


 You will notice the lesson plans are designed for creativity and fluidity in your practice. Most activities should take about 10 minutes unless otherwise indicated or your team is having too much fun to stop playing. Allow games, activities, and scrimmages to evolve and do not stress about perfecting the details.

 Keep instructions to a minimum; and utilize breaks/rounds to reinforce instructions.

 All practice plans have been designed for a 60 minute practice.

 Weeks 1-4 will introduce the skill and activity to your team, Weeks 5-8 include progressions and coaching points.

 Weekly emails will provide video demonstrations, tips, and extra activities. Email Alison (alisonc@mksc.org) to be added to our list!


 We have included three evaluations to assist you with benchmarking your team’s progress. This is for you to understand the areas where your team needs a little extra practice.

 Team evaluations are valuable for club-wide programs like MKSC ID and YOUTH ACADEMY.

 You can evaluate players on your own while your Director of Coaching is visiting your practice.

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