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U.S. Soccer Curriculum PDF

U.S. Soccer Curriculum PDF

Tactic: Individual or collective actions performed by a player or group of players to take advantage of an opponent, group of opponents or a team.

Explanation: The tactics are the tools to develop the strategy.

Example: Quick transition of the ball from one side of the field to the other.

Strategy: A general concept or idea agreed upon by the team at the beginning of the game with the intention to beat the opponents.

Explanation: The strategy relates to the formation and/or system used by the team.

Example: Defensive strategy - three strikers pressure up high and midfielders close down the opponents in central areas to prevent them from turning and attempt to regain the ball in the attacking half.

Formation: The shape of the team and distribution of the players on the field at the beginning of the game.

Explanation: This is usually expressed in three numbers identifying the number of players in the defensive, midfield and attacking lines.

Example: 4-3-3 – 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers.

System: A formation with specifications in the shape and/or roles for one or more players.

Explanation: The system combines the formation and strategy.

Example: 4-4-2 with diamond in midfield and outside backs moving up into wide areas.

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