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Style and Systems of Play PDF

Style and Systems of Play PDF

Systems, Styles and Responsibilities – What are they and why is this important?

Trying to establish a ‘system and style of play’ across numerous teams, players and age groups is not an easy thing to do, but hopefully this document will begin to provide some clarity on what to expect on the field, both in training and in games.

This presentation is the first step to establishing the ‘Wyoming Way’ of playing, with the focus being on Long Term Player Development.

Through regular coach education, player education and exposure to more soccer, we can all strive to improve the standards within Wyoming and compete regularly within regional competitions and tournaments that our teams participate in.

System vs Style System

of play, historically referred to as a ‘formation’, is a tool we use to identify areas of the field players should occupy and their roles and responsibilities in each of these positions according to your principles of play (the constants within the game).

Style of play refers to your approach to the game as it pertains to your soccer philosophy, and primarily what the actions of the players within the game will be when on and off the ball.


1. My soccer philosophy is one of long term player development, where all players on the field will be involved in the movement of the ball forwards as well as defending as a team.

2. My soccer philosophy is one of urgent, attacking soccer using speed and power to dominate the opposition.

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