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Training The Triangle Midfield PDF

Training The Triangle Midfield PDF

Ten exercises and small-sided games to train the core techniques and tactics required to play with a midfield triangle.

This is a collection of drills and exercises you can use to train in any triangle midfield formation.

The exercises are designed to get the players moving the ball quickly in an organized and disciplined fashion, elements needed to be successful in the triangle midfield.

Some of these exercises are generic enough that they can be used with all players as they will focus on all of the elements of technical training (preparation, skill and speed).

Use them to develop a quicker technical mentality for your players while also developing them in the training exercises shown in the Triangle Midfield Book.

It is important that you first focus on the technical aspects of the triangle midfield and making sure that the qualities you need for each position are present in the players you have in these positions. Here are some suggestions of qualities you should be looking for:

Attacking Central Midfielder- You need players that are very good technical players.

They need to read the game very quickly and must be dangerous when going forward to attack the goal.

The player should have good physical speed but, more importantly, explosive technical speed and the ability to receive and play with a soft touch.

They must see the field very well and be able to distribute the ball to create attacking opportunities.

This player is your playmaker and considered to be the HEART of the triangle midfield.

They must also be very fit.

Holding Central Midfielder- This player or players must be the physical presence of your midfield.

They will always challenge anyone who attempts to come inside the triangle or anyone attempting to bring the ball into the central part of the field.

They must be strong at winning the ball in the air and in challenging 50/50 balls.

They are usually the ones responsible for keeping the shape of the triangle, so they must be excellent communicators.

In possession they must be 1-2 touch players as they are responsible for linking possession between the defense and the attack.

They are often there to re-direct the flow of possession from either one side to the other or one point to another.

They must also have a good level of fitness.

Roving Central Midfielder- If you employ one, they must have very similar qualities as the holding central midfielder with a couple of exceptions.

First, they must have incredible fitness as they will always be moving and shifting side-to-side, more so than in a normal triangle midfield.

They must also be very quick in physical speed as they are responsible for keeping the shape of the triangle.

In possession they are there to link possession to the two central options (central attacker and attacking central midfielder).

They must also be quick to react to opportunities for withdrawn runs as attacking options.

The following ten drills and exercises should help you to organize and train your triangle midfield. Good luck in your preparations.

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