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Goalkeeping PDF

Goalkeeping PDF

There are three types of people who work with their hands.

People who build and move things using their hands, people who use their hands and minds to create things and people who use their hands, minds, and hearts.

These people are called goalkeepers.

They use their hands to control the ball and to communicate, their minds to make challenging decisions, and their hearts to express their passion for the art of goalkeeping!

Goalkeepers are not better than anyone else, but they are very special and unique people.

The goalkeeper is arguably the most important position on the field.

A goalkeeper can win a game with one brilliant save or become the villain with a mistimed dive.

The nature of the position requires agility, speed, athleticism, confidence, bravery and good communication skills.

For decades, goalkeepers were expected to train alone or were often simply blended into the regular practice sessions with very little attention being provided to the goalkeepers specific needs.

Goalkeepers are different from outfield players and must be trained accordingly.

Specialized training is needed for specialized positions.

The role of the goalkeeper has changed more than any other position in recent years.

With the introduction of the back-pass rule, goalkeepers are required to be as comfortable as outfield players with the ball at their feet.

Goalkeepers are the last line of defense.

They should think like sweeper backs and use the full range of the defensive third of the field.

Goalkeepers are the first line of attack.

Quality distribution is vital for counter-attacking. Keepers must possess a wide range of distribution skills in the area of kicking and throwing.

Good hands are unusable without quick feet.

Footwork is the key to all good shot stopping and catching.

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