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Admin Helper PDF

Admin Helper PDF

Administrating the sport of Soccer in North America can be challenging.

Traditionally "futbol" can be easy to learn, but will take a lifetime to gain expertise.

Anyone that wants to participate, can. 

All you need is a ball, a pitch and like-minded team-mates.

The USA and Canada have created the recreational play of soccer and shaped it into something that is managed very different than how other parts of the world do it.

The concept of being in a club and playing on a team in a league is nothing new. 

What is new, is that the "pick-up" game amongst friends has changed.

The grass roots play of soccer can be found at every level and every age group.

What's made all of this possible are the social sports software tools that have enabled the player community to organize way more effectively.

This means putting together a good "pick-up" game are what most players like to participate in.

Often players join teams in a league, but those same players also appreciate playing with their favorite local "pickup" group because its flexible to their availability to play.

Sometimes its the social friendships that are being made, sometimes its the group motivation of getting into shape; but what is common amongst all players is their love to play the game!

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