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Game Training Certificate - Participant Manual PDF

Game Training Certificate - Participant Manual PDF

Welcome to the Community Coach Education Program.

Regardless of your playing or coaching background, Football Federation Australia has developed courses to suit all coaching levels and tailored them to ensure training is appropriate for the age of the players the coach is working with.

You may have already downloaded the material which will help you through the course; this resource has all the practices and information you will need to guide you through your community course.

The introductory course is the Grassroots Football Certificate, which many of you would have completed already.

If so you will now have a good idea of how to organize your training sessions using the three parts – Beginning, Middle and End.

As the needs of players change so too does the terminology used to describe each component.

In the Skill Training Certificate we use three session components which are Skill Introduction, Skill Training and Skill Game.

In the Game Training and Senior Certificate there are four session components which are called Warm Up, Positioning Games, Game Training and Training Game - these will be explained in greater detail later.

The main purpose of the Community Coach Education Program is to provide you with a range of “tools” to shape your coaching future and to help you plan and conduct suitable age appropriate training sessions.

The community courses have been redesigned to be totally practical with a big emphasis on giving the participant many coaching opportunities as well as getting continuous feedback by presenters and your peers throughout.

In the opening pages of this manual you will find valuable information regarding the National Football Curriculum and how the Building Blocks of youth development underpin it.

Please take the time to read this information as it will help you to better understand the vision and philosophy for Australian Football.

I wish you well with your coaching.

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