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Football Strengrh and Conditioning Program PDF

Football Strengrh and Conditioning Program

This workout is for over the off-season. In the following program you will find strength, speed, agility, conditioning, and miscellaneous workouts.

The weight workout can be done any four or five days of the week. The conditioning days are best if done as directed in the conditioning section.

There are 3 separate phases to strength training. The 1st is called Hypertrophy the main function of this phase is to increase muscle size, flexibility, and muscular endurance high reps also help to strengthen tendons and ligaments..

The theory is bigger muscles can push more weight. The 2nd is the strength phase in which we will slowly decrease your reps and work strictly on strength and BALANCE.

The balance training has been included to help decrease injuries as well as it also stimulates more muscle fibers which will increase the body’s response to the strength workouts.

The last phase is the power phase. In this phase we work with very low reps but as explosively as possible. This phase incorporates plyometric exercises into the weight program.

In this phase the exercises should be done in circuit or superset fashion. This change has also been made to prevent injury. You will also see if you work hard through this phase that your power and explosion will improve dramatically.

Power by definition is work/time. That means to truly be powerful the weight or in our case the opponent must be moved as quickly as possible. This workout has three major goals for the 2013 off-season and preseason.

Those three goals are SPEED, STRENGTH, & POWER. The Conditioning is in the conditioning schedule. The week of June 17 you will 1RMHang Clean, 1RMBench, and 3RMBoxSquat and 2 300 yd Shuttles with 5 min rest between.

You will only test on Monday and Tuesday of that week and use the rest of the week as a recovery week. After that week you need to use the One Repetition Maximum Chart and determine your projected max for the Squat.

If you are unable to max because of lack of equipment or sufficient spotters make sure to contact me. You need to push your self to your physical limits each and every workout for you to be truly successful.

If you have any questions or problems please contact me Keith Klahold at: Wilkes University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.


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