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Effective use of the Agility Ladder for Soccer PDF

Effective use of the Agility Ladder for Soccer PDF

The agility ladder maximizes speed and reaction, concentration, balance and coordination.

Get the most out of this popular training tool with the help of coordination training expert Peter Schreiner as he presents his most effective exercises with clear and precise descriptions, excellent photos and innovative diagrams.

the agility ladder is an important aid for conditioning speed, agility and coordination.

It is simple to transport and set up. Ever more coaches and instructors are discovering the benefits of the agility ladder in their training sessions.

This book should help you get to know the wide variety of possible drills and tasks and thus to use the agility ladder effectively.
Numerous models of the agility ladder are available at a range of pieces.

The professional version shown in thebillustrations in this book (see below) is relatively heavy, can be split in two halves, which can be arranged in an L-shape, and has a device for easy transportation. The rungs of the ladder can be adjusted.


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