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June 16 – Soccer Drill

We are very happy to finally have you back on campus participating in our drop-in sessions.

Just a reminder, due to COVID-19 protocols students must remain 3m or 10ft apart during these drop-in sessions and are encouraged to sanitize your hands often.

Due to phase 1 re-opening plans restrictions Sport & Rec is pleased to offer these drop-in drill sessions.

During these sessions different pre-made drills will be provided for participants each day (not each session). No game play or free play is allowed under phase 1 re-opening plans.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Warm up:

• Run 1-2 lap around the field.

• Ankle and knee rotations - 6 each.

• Fire hydrants - 4 each direction/leg.

• Squats + bottom half squats - 8 full reps, 8 bottom half squats.

• Arm circles - 15 circles each arm.

• Walking lunges with twist stretch - To one cone and back.

• Quad stretch - To one cone and back.

• Walking heel touch - To one cone and back.

• Frankenstein/ reverse lunge walk - To one cone and back.

• Sumo stretch - To one cone and back.

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