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(13) 1 v 1's Soccer Drills PDF

(13) 1 v 1's Soccer Drills PDF

THEME: 1 v 1 Attacking and Defending.


A functional practice designed to improve players 1 v 1 Attacking and Transition to Defend.


  • Area 15 x 20 metres.
  • Yellow Player Attacks Blue player when a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play, the Yellow player now becomes a Defender and the next Blue player is the Attacker.
  • If the defender or goalkeeper win’s the ball they can pass through the two small goals to score.


  • Positive first touch, get the ball out of your feet.
  • Attack the defender with the ball under control.
  • Keep your head up to assess defender and goalkeepers position.
  • Make your move (Skill, trick or speed) .
  • Accelerate into space created.
  • End Product.
  • Transition to Defend quickly but under control.


Encourage players to be creative, attack at speed and play until Goal is scored or ball is out of play.

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