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Under 10 Season Plan PDF

Under 10 Season Plan

Coaches, We are providing a more refined coaching curriculum to address the ages U6 to U12 for 2015 and 2016.

We feel it is important to develop technical objectives for these age as well as incorporating group and team tactics at the older ages.

We recognize that development varies from child to child and feel it is important at the younger ages to realize the potential in every child and provide appropriate instruction. 

Plan to have objectives for the year that reflect the skill level of the team your coaching.

Here are a few general objectives for the U6 to U12 player:

U10 Player

• Dribbling moves under pressure.

• Role of first and second defenders.

• Use of both feet consistently.

• Delivering longer balls.

• Learning to serve and properly receive flighted balls consistently.

• Supporting runs off the ball and more sophisticated combination play.

• Recognize roles and responsibilities by position.

• Awareness of the numerical positioning system employed by US Soccer.

• Introduction of catching the ball and angle play with the keeper.

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