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Referee Program Training Home Workout PDF

Referee Program Training Home Workout

It is the referee’s responsibility to be in optimal physical condition for the kick-off to the season.

This season brings a host of challenges, not least to be able to exercise safely and comfortably while following guidance and guidelines from local authorities during the COVID-19 Health crisis.

Canada Soccer provides these suggestions for training in small spaces with a minimum of equipment.

It is provided to act as a supplement to your existing programs.

Three 4-week programs are outlined:

• - 5-days training, 2-rest days.

• - 3-days training, 1-rest day, 2-days training, 1-rest day.

• - 2-days training, 1-rest day, 3-days training, 1-rest day 3 types of workouts are outlined to offer variety and change throughout each week of training.

As with any exercise training program or physical activity there are inherent risks associated that must be considered before commencing participation.

If during the exercise training session you experience headache, faintness, dizziness, muscular pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing you should stop immediately and seek medical attention.

If you are unsure of your health status in order to perform the exercise training program then please do not attempt until you see a health care provider or physician and are cleared for activity.

By undertaking the proposed exercise training regime you are acknowledging and consenting to the inherent risks associated with the exercise training program & physical activity therein and understand that you are solely responsible for any personal injury that may occur as a result of participation.

Canada Soccer does not take responsibility for any personal injury or death that may occur as a result of participation in this exercise training program.

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