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UEFA Best Practice Guide to Training Centre Construction and Management PDF

UEFA Best Practice Guide to Training Centre Construction and Management

This publication seeks to provide clubs and national associations with easy-to-follow guidelines that will help them with the commissioning, designing, renovation and construction of training centres.

The planning and delivery of modern training facilities requires a multi-disciplinary approach and the input of specialists in various areas of construction and management and operations.

Throughout this guideline document UEFA will refer to industry best practice so that those in the planning and development phase of similar projects can use these bench marks to guide their own projects.

Although the guidance provided in this publication is comprehensive, it should not be followed blindly.

A whole host of factors (many of which are identified in these guidelines) will cause each project to be unique.

Each association or club will have its own drivers and objectives, be it the identification and development of talent, community engagement and/ or commercial growth, and all will play a role when it comes to the location and design of the training centre.

The training centre is often the heartbeat of the organisation, as it is where all daily activities take place.

It is where the club or association will present its brand, establish its culture and seek to achieve its objectives.

As such, training centres should evolve in line with the ambitions of the relevant organisation.

These guidelines are based on the experiences of experts specialising in the development of training centres and other sports infrastructure projects.

They seek to provide guidance not only in terms of facilities, services, functionality and design, but also as regards the way that training centres can contribute to their local communities and the commercial objectives of the relevant club or association.

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