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Barça Coach Academy provides theoretical and practical tools for designing and implementing training programs based on the methodology used by FC Barcelona.

In this program, we share the methodology developed and used by FC Barcelona.

This is based on a theoretical framework which has revolutionized not only how we understand the dynamics of team sports but also contemporary teaching paradigms.

At the heart of this shift is an understanding of the athlete as a complex, dynamic being within a system that is equally complex and dynamic.

Consequently, tasks that are developed and put into place during training processes must be rooted in the context of the match.

In this introductory course, you will learn to identify the key components of FC Barcelona's style of play; these are the foundation for our trademark style which is used by our first division soccer team as well as at the lowest levels.

The coach's pedagogical role will also be studied in depth, since player-coach interaction is key to learning.

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