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Total Soccer Fitness

Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance Conditioning

Ultimately in any sport, your level of fitness determines the level of skill you can apply.

Even world-beaters can look foolish if they lack the physical strength and stamina to apply their talents.

Every soccer player can relate to the feeling of complete exhaustion after several bouts of all-out sprinting… shortly followed by the embarrassment of jelly-like legs trying to perform the simplest of passes!

Without doubt the more highly conditioned you become, the more consistently you can perform. Get your conditioning program right, and it gives you (or your entire team) an unparalleled competitive edge.

At every level, the game is littered with players who lack elegance but whose physical power makes them deadly efficient.

While there is no substitute for natural ability, with hard work and application players can tap a level of potential they never realized was within them.

Few players (and coaches) outside the professional game really appreciate the impact that a well-planned conditioning program can have on performance.

Of the few who do, even less understand what it really takes to become fit for soccer.

Total Soccer Fitness will show you how to become a stronger, faster, fitter, more consistent player.

It will help you to reach a level of conditioning that allows you to play unhindered with poise and finesse.

If you’re a coach, it you will show you how to develop a team of super-fit players that outperform their opposite number in every position on the pitch.

Follow the guidelines within this text and not only will your level of self confidence and consistency improve, you’ll enjoy the game so much more. 

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