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Attacking Soccer PDF book

Attacking Soccer

At a very important time of my career, right after I
became the University of Maryland coach, Jay Miller asked me to assist him with the preparation of the U.S. U-17 national team.

Those training camps and international tours were vital to my development as a coach.
If you have seen Jay coach a team or instruct a coaching course, you have witnessed one of the best soccer voices in the United States.

Four things are important for becoming or remaining a top coach: Coach as often as possible, observe or work with the best coaches possible, watch high-quality games, and stay current with the latest coaching methodology. Jay has helped me at all these levels. This book can help you.

Coach Miller and his 11 starting authors take on the task of scoring goals.
The Xs and Os of attacking soccer are covered in detail.
As a bonus, each coach describes personal experiences on the topic.
This book is loaded with excellent training progressions that allow you to create an offense that will break down the opponent’s defense.

Enjoy reading this book and get your team to score more goals.
As hard as I may try, I cannot stop coaching. From the very beginning, I loved the athletic experience.
The notion that the whole can be more than the sum of its parts captured me at an early age.
This project required me to step up and coach again.

As a result of 40 years of trying to cheat the laws of math, I have learned a few things:
You need inspiration, you need a plan, and you need to assemble a team.
My inspiration to coach was a result of having exceptional coaches.
My high school coach Harry Little and my college coach Dr. John McKeon were special.

Walter Chyzowych gave me my chance at coaching at the international level, and my experience of coaching with Bob Gansler guided me in the development of a plan, my style of coaching.
The quality of the team is everything.
I am very proud of my team of 11 authors.

Each is very well respected in the coaching com- munity.
They all are in demand and very busy, yet without hesitation they offered their time and expertise to this project.
I will forever be grateful. Special thanks go to my friend Jeff Pill for his assistance with the early edits.
The staff at Human Kinetics, in particular Tom Heine and Laura Pulliam, have been extremely helpful and patient.

Turnabout is fair play, as I was coached.
Thanks to my wife, Lauren, for the delivery of fresh coffee to my office and a hand on my shoulder to assess my sanity.
I love you.

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