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1. What is the Soccer Star Challenge?

The challenge focus upon six essential soccer techniques

- Running with the ball.

- Turning with the ball.

- Speed (Changing direction without the ball).

- Dribbling.

-  Heading.

- Shooting.

The tests will reflect technical ability of the players in these techniques

 A learning programme of practices and games with key coaching factors is provided for each technique.

 2. For whom is the Soccer Star Challenge designed?

It is designed for the use of coaches and teachers, with boys and girls of any ability from 6 to 16 years of age.

3. What facilities and equipment are required?

The minimum area required would be approximately 40 x 30 yards, either outdoors or indoors, on any suitable surface.

The tests are easy to organise, requiring only five soccer balls and a supply of markers or cones. A class of 12 can be tested on all the tests within one hour.

4. How does the challenge operate?

- Test the children through the six Soccer Star Challenges.

- Input the test scores into the appropriate page of this web-site.

- Print off The Football Association official F.A. Soccer Star Challenge Certificate.

- Present the certificates to the children.

5. What feedback is provided?

 For the player?

Free certificate to indicate the player's grading.

For the coach?

A readout of the group's performance.

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