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The Complete Guide to Developing Soccer Players PDF

 A start to finish blueprint for soccer success

The Complete Guide to Developing Soccer Players

We know that performance follows attitude.
With the proper attitude, coaches, boys and girls will commit to the hard work, preparation and to the challenge of doing their team job well.
Attitude is shaped largely by:
•The personality of the player.
•The influence of parents, role models and friends.
•The practice and coaching situation.
Add these three together to get your coaching environment.
Inside this book we aim to give coaches a culture of teaching, developing, standards, discipline, care and concern.
This will lead to inspiration and commitment to the pursuance of a stable soccer program.
Players have to be encouraged to come out of their comfort zone and understand that soccer is about decision making.
Coaching soccer is not easy. If the coach wants to improve then this will carry over to the players.
Planning a coaching session can sometimes take longer than the session itself and we hope that this book can help you develop as a coach.
In today’s world, especially soccer, patience is very rarely implemented.
Developing soccer players takes time and support.
The support should come from the parents, coach and team-mates and we have to let young players know that they will be given time to develop.
We cannot succumb to the egos of parents or coaches.
Follow the process from this book and we can guarantee you will develop your players.

A vision of a coach’development

The modern coach prepares their players for the modern game

 Coach development:
• If you are not positively affecting the behavior of your players, you cannot call yourself a coach.
Be the expert and the role model. Players will mimic the actions of their coach.
• Encourage players to be creative. Players must understand that the coach will forgive positive mistakes.
Be creative when planning a practice session.
Do not make your sessions, one dimensional.
Players will find them boring. Make it possible to create the ‘Decision maker’.
Be concerned about your standards as well as your players. Do the right thing for your group not the easy thing.
The players will know that you are working for the good of the team and you will gain more credibility from them.
• Get to your session early and if possible, set up your whole session. Keep your breaks, short (for recovery only) This way the players will learn how to refocus quickly and often.
• You still strive to be the best you can possibly be.
• Success cannot solely be based on winning tournaments.
Have a balance between winning and developing a large pool of players that are capable of competing at their highest level possible.
If your coaching session is technical and tactical and conducted in the correct manner, then winning soccer games will follow.
You are responsible for creating an environment where your players can develop winning habits.
•Treat all players with respect. If respect is shown by coaches, it is generally given back with effort, concentration and honesty.
• Work hard and have fun transforming a young athlete's potential into performance. Practices should be fun places to be.
• Focus on potential. Do not just focus on what your players cannot do, focus on what they can do.
• Protect your hard working players. Do not let the players be disrespectful.
No yelling is needed, just sit them out for a few minutes, then invite them back in by asking them ‘Are you ready to focus now?”.
Running the whole group is not as effective as it was 20 years ago. Tough love is needed, but do not cross the line.
• Let’s get rid of the statement “This is how it’s always been done”.
Be a forward thinking coach.
The game has changed a lot so we have to be constantly aware of changes within the game.
The difficult task is not implementing new ideas, but trying to get rid of the old ones.
•Becoming obsessed with improving the performance of yourself and your players is a good thing.
Success has always been driven by hard work.
Coaching is not easy but it helps to follow a process.
A coach who is focused on the process believes that the games are won on the practice field.

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