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Full Season Training Program PDF


Full Season Training Program

A Full Season of Training with Sheffield United F.C. Academy Team

I picked up this squad at the start of the 2006/2007 season.
When I began to work with the players, I noticed that the following aspects needed particular attention:
• The ability to regain and maintain effective possession.
• Defending both individually and collectively.
• Team shape in and out of possession.
• Position specific work.
• Decision making.
• The ability to play off 1, 2 and multi-touch.
The sessions were delivered in this particular topic order, as I believe that the ability to maintain possession and defend effectively following regains, forms the foundations for an effective performance.
The team shape work gave the players a solid foundation from which they could express themselves, and an understanding of the responsibilities of each player, individually and collectively, in game situations.
This work has enabled the rotation of players, to experience various positions in order to develop greater game understanding.
A great emphasis has been placed on making the sessions ‘real’ so that the chance for transfer into game situations is increased.
Many sessions have ended with a competitive game or modified game in order to assist this transfer from training to match situation.
As a result of the work covered to date, the team have developed into an effective and well organised team, where individuals thrive.
At this stage of the teams development the result is of little importance; the application, decision making and performance of the players is paramount.

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