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Rondo’s and Rhythm of play PDF

This is what we will teach the players thru the Continuums Model of Development:
• Looking before receiving the ball.
• Looking away from the ball as well as at it.
• Knowing options in advance of receiving.
• Weighting the pass correctly to help the receiver.
• Getting their foot preparation right (how many play flat footed?? This won’t let them if they want to be successful).
• Getting their body shape right, facing where the next pass is going; in advance of the ball.
• Getting into position quickly “Off the ball” to help the player receiving; and it has to be before the receiver gets the ball as they only have one touch to move it on again either to feet or to space.
They will recognize if the fault and failure to maintain possession was in the weight of the receiving pass, or in the next first touch pass by the receiver, or because of poor off the ball support or even the bad bounce of the field.
It is not difficult to identify which it is. 
It will not be because of pressure or interceptions by defenders because in the early stages there will not be any defenders so the players can play without pressure.
A One Touch Mentality:
What does it mean? It means every player thinks like they only have ONE touch; to “force” them to observe the field and their BEST option BEFORE they receive the ball.
When they receive it the resulting decision may already actually be the opposite to One touch; maybe to dribble, to pass using 2 or 3 touches, to slow the game down and change the TEMPO, to run with the ball; or Even to play ONE TOUCH.
We build this mentality into the Rondos we use.

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