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TAC – TAC training pep's futbol using tactical periodization PDF

TAC – TAC training pep's futbol using tactical periodization

In the fútbol world Pep Guardiola is considered as the coach who comes up with the best ideas for his teams to play an aesthetically quality attacking game with great results.
However, having studied his training methods both at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, I am convinced the structured approach his technical staff uses to implement his ideas doesn’t really reflect his genius.
In my opinion Tactical Periodization is the appropriate methodology to implement Pep’s ideas which is my intention to demonstrate throughout this book.
As you may recall the principles of Tactical Periodization were detailed in my previous book which are needed to understand the advance training thoughts herein discussed.
In this book I will depict Pep’s ideas as understood from Balagué (2012) and Perarnau’s (2014) books. Subsequently I will systemize his Game Model/Way of Playing.
Lastly I will show the Morphocycle Pattern leveraging the Tactical Periodization Principles to implement Pep’s Way of Playing.
Note that in the images the red teams intentionally are depicted with inverted wingers while the blue ones are depicted with normal wingers, 7 on the right and 11 on the left.
The following numbering system and associated named nomenclature for the Red players is used throughout this book.

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