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Ball Control and Dribbling PDF

Ball Control and Dribbling


The series on individual training will show how we can improve our players’ skills during additional work outside from the team’s training sessions.
During such sessions, we can eparate technical and tactical elements and therefore work better on those.
Over long period that will allow us to work more closely and plan better the education of the player.
By watching this series, a coach can get to understand better the possibilities of improving individual skills in soccer.
In development years, especially for young players, it is crucial to help those most talented. If it is impossible to fit that during team trainings, coach can organize specific sessions that would suit individual players.
All drills and games which we will present in those series should be treated as recommendations and inspirations to use them as they are or to create own versions.
What is important in every drill we wanted to create possibly similar environment to the one
present in the match, with elements of decision-making and perception of the situation around.
Those elements are not easy to recreate and will never be just like in-game situations, because
of the presence of just one player. However, recreating it even in a slightest mode, would bear fruits in the match.
During such training, we have just usual equipment and the figure of a coach or coaches.
Because of that we must be creative with how using cones and other elements we can create specific environment. If you are interested in how to develop soccer skills and how to create individual drills those series are for you.

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